Remembering the Nakba – the 1948 Palestinian catastrophe

Palestinian refugees on the road to Lebanon, among many thousands, who were forced out of their homes in May 1948 before the establishment of the state of Israel. This was called ‘ethnic cleansing’ some fifty years later by historians when they were denied the right to return home. 75 years ago, 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically …

World Council of Churches world Week of Prayer for Peace in Palestine and Israel

Our event includes eyewitness reports by Billy Vaughan (Belfast) and Sophie Gregg (Dublin), who have recently served a second term as human rights monitors with the WCC Ecumenical accompaniment programme (eappi). There will also be a comment from an advocacy officer with the Palestinian Human Rights organisation Al-Haq. Together with other Palestinian Non-Government Organizations Al-Haq documents human rights abuses in the occupied territories. Last month Israeli soldiers raided the offices of six human rights organisations, confiscated files and equipment and ordered them to stop their work.

‘Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?’ book launch

'Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?’ is a new book by Brian Brown which considers comparisons between apartheid era South Africa and contemporary Israel. Kairos Ireland are excited to be involved in the launch of Brian’s book – this will take place at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival 2021 on Thursday Dec 9th at 6-7 pm - …

World Council of Churches Statement November 2021

Statement on recent developments in Palestine and Israel | World Council of Churches The executive of the World Council of Churches has issued a strong statement about recent developments in Palestine and Israel. This statement condemns the attack on six Palestinian Human Rights organisations by Israel; plans to build 3100 new settlement homes in the …

The Palestine Christmas Alert 2021

The Palestine Christmas Alert 2021 provides a range of human stories and messages outlining life in the Holy Land today, with examples of peaceful resistance to occupation. The alert is illustrated with up-to-date photographs. Go to Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2021