Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?

‘Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?’ is a new book by Brian Brown which considers comparisons between apartheid era South Africa and contemporary Israel.

Methodist minister Brian Brown was administrative director of the Christian Institute when it was shut-down by South Africa’s apartheid regime in 1977. He remained a ‘banned’ person for thirteen years, until Nelson Mandela’s release from jail in 1990.

In ‘Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?’ Brian analyses Israel as replicating what he calls Grand Apartheid; the violent dispossession of land, nationality and human rights by one ethnic group of another. Save that this time it is Palestistian rather then Black people who suffer apartheid’s illegal occupation, domination and disempowerment. The book’s comparative analysis of two apartheid states is backed by accounts of Israeli and International Human Rights organisations whose legal analysis presents Israel as practising a crime against humanity, the Crime of Apartheid.

Jewish and Palestinian narratives engage with each other, whilst the book’s Christian option for the oppressed and marginalised is presented unapologetically. Related themes of Zionism (Jewish and Christian), Interfaith dialogue, apartheid as heresy, anti-Palestianism and antisemitism are treated. Most importantly, the voices of those who live between the river (Jordan) and the sea (Mediterranean) are heard. For Jews and Palestinians alike, their freedoms remain indivisible.

Buying the book

In Great Britain the book may be bought directly from the author Brian Brown by going to https://apartheid-southafrica-israel.com

In Ireland contact John at the Kairos Ireland email – kairosireland@gmail.com
Price €15 plus €10 P&P

In Northern Ireland copies can be purchased by contacting bill@174trust.org
Price £12 plus P&P

Book launch

The book will be officially launched at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival 2021 in the Duncairn Arts and Community Centre, Duncairn Avenue, Antrim Road, Belfast on Thursday Dec 9th at 6-7 pm. For more details about the book launch which can be attended online see here.

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