World Council of Churches Statement November 2021

Statement on recent developments in Palestine and Israel | World Council of Churches

The executive of the World Council of Churches has issued a strong statement about recent developments in Palestine and Israel. This statement condemns the attack on six Palestinian Human Rights organisations by Israel; plans to build 3100 new settlement homes in the illegal Jewish Settlements on occupied land; continuing threats to evict Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem; settler violence against olive harvesters; and the closure of Church events. The statement notes that in the absence of international EAPPI observers, because of Covid restrictions, there has been an increase in Settler attacks on Palestinians. The ecumenical accompaniment programme will recommence as soon as circumstances allow. 

The WCC statement concludes, ‘A just and sustainable peace in the Holy Land cannot be built by violence and injustice. We call again for all Christians and all people of good will to pray for peace, justice, dignity and rights for Palestinians and Israelis alike and for a peaceful solution to the situation in the region in accordance with international law.’

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